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CMS is a great thought for creative and innovative web development, our primary focus is to add new advanced technology that can lay down to make certain achievement of your online business. The major feature behind our success is that we aren't just spotlighting on delivering a web application or website, but we deliver a development that works for your business.

We have a group of an expert, professional with a very well expertise in web development. It is a real and dynamic partner, ideal for companies and specialized who want to expand their business, investing securely on the new online communication. So, if thoughts the Internet, then thinks CMS Solutions.

iZaap Technologies offers Web content management confer with, delivery and support service that can get an order and manage to your Web existence. We design and deliver innovative Web content management solutions that move the task of content maintenance from your IT staff to their content owners.

iZaap Technologies form a complete line of CMS applications that have been particularly designed with non-technical employees in mind, make sure the right people can control the right content. Organizations advantage by enabling the maker of Web content (typically trade expert) to also become the publishers and administrator of this Web content.

Content Management scopes we provide:
Search function
Print version function
Simple mail form & guestbook included
Easy installation
The contents of the site are stored in a single HTML-file
Written in PHP - runs on Linux servers, and on Win32 both with Apache and IIS
Uploading of images and files
Link validation
PHP-scripting within content
Online editing of system configuration
Automatic backup on logout
We provide a full fledged content to promote your business.


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